Nick and Sarah on their final day’s walk together

Sarah Tavaré reports back from their third and final day of walking together on Nick’s Cornish Coastal Challenge in aid of the Cranleigh School Foundation.

Leaving Port Quin

‘We started in Port Quin and ended in Rock. Over nine miles and a really pleasant, ambling walk in mild, even temperatures and nothing at all “arduous” to speak of. Plus, not a banana to be had at any point and, in fact, there was an ice-cream treat to boot!! Mind you, we both regretted the sit down “munching ice-cream” episode as we found we’d pretty much seized up in the meanwhile. Poor old bones!

‘So, thank you, Mr Meyer, for a wonderfully delightful three days walking with you; truly remarkable scenery; excellent conversation and some lovely quiet times of contemplation too. A pleasure to have walked the walk with you.’