Why Nick’s doing the walk

As I reach my 75th birthday, I am planning to walk approximately 300 miles around the Cornish coastal path in aid of the Cranleigh Foundation. I shall start this adventure in April with a view to have completed the walk no later than the end of September.

Nick Meyer

Support from the wider Cranleigh community is vital for the continued success of the School and its pupils. The Foundation needs particularl help to fulfil its aims, which are two-fold:

  1. to finance bursaries to provide a Cranleigh education for Foundationer pupils, who have lost the support of one or both parents through exceptional or tragic circumstances and would benefit from the environment that Cranleigh can provide.
  2. to build a substantial endowment to assist in the development of the School in the decades ahead. This is not a matter which can be achieved overnight but, I hope, we can build up the fund so that it can be of tangible assistance to the School in the future.

The Foundation was set up in 2007 and since then there have been 10 children who have benefited from a Foundationer place.

My time at Cranleigh is simple to quantify: it has given me a future.

Past Cranleigh Foundationer

The Foundation stepped in to help my daughter at what was a very difficult time in her life. She realises how lucky she is and that without their support, and the School’s, she would not have succeeded as she has done.

Parent of Cranleigh Foundationer

As an Old Cranleighan and Chairman of the Trustees of the Cranleigh Foundation, this is a cause which is very dear to my heart and I hope that my determination will persuade you to join me in achieving this goal.

Nick Meyer