Messages of Support

This challenge is arduous and Nick will really appreciate all the support he can get.

When the path ahead is tough, it may take just a couple of notes from friends to boost your energy and keep on going!


  1. Nick
    The very best of luck.I hope you see some great sights and colours and taste some great food and most of all meet some great people. CeCi and I are in Thessaloniki and out thoughts will be with you. Stay fit and happy the world needs more people like you in it
    God bless
    Richard&Ceci xx

  2. All the best for your stroll.Hope you get back in time for the Lords test v Australia

  3. Good luck, Tosh! Hope you will be strong enough to lift your tankard at day’s end! Hope to see you at OCRFC dinner in September. David

  4. Bumped into Nick near my house. An old pal. We shared a beer at the Three Pilchards in Porthallow. To be fair to the athlete that Nick is, he was taking onboard essential fluids (as far as I understood it). Good luck in the challenge Nick and, let the funds roll in.

    1. Well done Tosh ! Very proud of your achievement ! With you in spirit all the way ! I live in Canada, so cannot join you. We haven’t met since we were in either 1V b or Vb together (1960 ?) and we suffered Latin under Tucker (remember the dog!). Take care, and the Best of Luck, Bill

  5. Dear Godfather, it was a great honour and pleasure to walk the 13.3 miles from St. Anthony Head to Portloe with you last week. You’re amazingly fit, and I’ve no doubt you will achieve this challenge with great success. I only wish I could do more of the legs with you, but rather difficult from my home in Switzerland! God speed and God bless, from Godaughter, Liz xxx

  6. Just found out about your great walk. We are in Cornwall and will hope to catch up with you a bit later on (John currently recovering from a broken hip). Meanwhile enjoy Cornwall.

  7. Well done Nick keep going. Cornwall is my favourite English county and I have found ancient family connections there.Best I can do in sunny Australia is my almost daily 20 kms cycle ride with several steep hills in country that looks very like Devon or Cornwall ie green all the way down to the cliffs and not yet spoilt.
    Glad you are still in good shape.
    Regards Nic Christian (1&4 South and Cubitt)

  8. Well done Nick and hope to joinn you some of the way when you are around Padstow. Remember nothing can go wrong that a couple of beers won’t remedy. Keep stridin’. Jamie

  9. Hi Nick, Many congratulations on your epic journey. You must be a fit guy! Funnily enough I see from your diary, that you passed through Boscastle over the May bank Holiday. I was there with my daughter and one the youngest of her 4 sons when my wife was in the Baltic with “girl friends”. We had some terrific walks on the coast particularly around Port Issac and Port Quin. Keep at it.

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