It is really easy to feel discomfort with the world. To feel as though there are pathological,
corrupt systems and methods of control out there in place, with the sole purpose of
negatively inflicting upon your life. This fear is not irrational by any stretch of the imagination,
and it’s a sentiment that most young people garner when they begin to conceptualise the
greatness of the world, and the different methods of power play simultaneously occurring at
all times, be it political or social. The response to this, particularly from young, typically left
leaning people (whilst that is a stereotype, it is one based on data), is to go out into the world
and try and control it. Because then, it can’t control you. This is a biologically motivated
response to fear that plays on the predator/prey dynamic. If you become bigger than your
predator, you take its power away. If you control it, it can’t control you. This notion is greatly
justifiable, plausible and entirely moral in its origins and yet what we are seeing is that as this
notion becomes more mainstream as a means of dealing with the inequality and unjustifiably
corrupt world we live in, the result is a mob of tyrants. A mob of compassionate narcissists
that weaponise virtue to shut down any form of counter argument to their own. You see, the
motivation behind trying to control the world switches remarkably quickly from a means of
survival to something far more dangerous. It becomes the desire to be accredited with moral
virtue in the absence of the work necessary to actually attain it. Regardless of the original
intention behind their actions, it very quality escalates to becoming it. The result being a
group of people that think exactly the same, to the extent that the act of even thinking in and
of itself is slowly deteriorating. The question we need to be asking ourselves, is therefore:
why is a generation that is acting upon biologically positive motivations morphing into,
arguably, the most destructive generation yet?
The answer, from my perspective, is the widespread indoctrination of ‘political correctness’
and the implications that come with it. By implications, I’m referring to the paradoxical
amalgamation of neo marxism and the ideas of postmodernism, specifically the ‘rejection of
epistemic certainty,’ that had previously characterised the political sphere as well as the
sphere of discourse. Firstly, the reason why the alliance of postmodern and neo marxist
thinking is intrinsically paradoxical is because the very foundation of postmodernist thinking
is derived from the belief that there exist no canonical interpretations of the world, which
practically manifests itself in the rejection of any binary categorisation; ie the rejection of
gender as a concept. On the other hand, the neo Marxist ethos explicitly views the world in
an ‘oppressor vs oppressed’ manner, therefore by nature of viewing the world in a canonical
manner, it contradicts the ethos of the postmodernists. There is therefore no logical way to
explain the union of these two schools of political and philosophical thought. And under
absolutely no circumstances, should compassion be presented as an argument for the union
of these doctrines as history has shown us that the practical implications of these doctrines
has been murderous, tyrannical and by no means compassionate or even remotely morally
acceptable by any standards. The reason, therefore, why this union exists albeit
paradoxically, is because both the postmodernists and the neo-Marxists have something in
common. Both doctrines are driven ultimately, by resentment. You see both doctrines distil
the nature of the world down to power. They both view humanity as infinite numbers of unjust
hierarchies that are irrevocably bound together by power, and power alone. Not only does
this method of thinking attempt to reduce the nature of humanity, which is incomparably
complex, down to one idea alone, remarkably cynically, but it also simultaneously

perpetuates the ‘oppressor vs oppressed’ narrative that the Marxists view the world through
whilst producing an overwhelming sense of resentment. Logically, you can then determine
that, given both doctrines view the composition of humanity to be accredited only to power,
that the practitioners of said doctrines practise in the pursuit of power, driven by
resentment towards the natural order, and disguising themselves, most reprehensibly, as
compassionate. What activates these doctrines is therefore the blunt will to power, ironically
and remarkably hypocritically participating in exactly what they attempt to condemn in their
foundational arguments.
Now that we’ve outlined what the motivational composition behind ‘political correctness’ is,
it’s very easy to understand its parasitic effect on society today, specifically on the younger
generations. These doctrines are invading our society. They have infected almost the
entirety of the educational system, which acts as the root to all else, by dominating the
humanities and slowly moving their way to the social sciences. The majority are being sold
the idea that these doctrines are positively motivated by compassionate intentions and are
blind to the moral corruption that actually activates the schools of thought. The younger
generations are also obviously more susceptible to accepting these notions as truth, given
the absence of being presented with anything else during the entirety of their lives. Before
we continue down this catastrophic road we are currently on, the deception that absolutely
covers this political agenda must be dismantled. Resentment and the demand for power…
that’s what is motivating the forced indoctrination of these doctrines, not compassion.
Nietzsche actually predicted this overtaking of the radical left about 150 years ago, which is
quite remarkable considering that was largely before any of these doctrines were properly
formulated. The outcome he predicted was one where scientific truth holds no value,
individual liberty and speech are stripped from previously sovereign citizens with the act of
thinking ceasing to exist in its natural form. That prediction is manifesting into reality at this
very moment.

Welcome to identity politics and political correctness… human beings? No. You’re nothing
but your race, religion and gender.