Suella Braverman wrote an article in the Times where she accused the Metropolitan Police of playing favourites and criticising them for allowing last weekend’s pro-Palestine march to go ahead. In doing this she went against number 10 and therefore broke the ministerial code, which was one of the reasons why, a few days later, she was sacked and replaced with the old foreign secretary James Cleverly, and David Cameron the Ex PM being made a Lord in order for him to be able to return to government as the new foreign secretary.

Although Suella Braverman did break the ministerial code, I believe that instead of judging members of government by their action on minor infractions, they should be judged on their policy. Therefore whether or not she should have been sacked is up for debate as while her Rwanda policy has failed, after the recent Supreme Court ruling, whether or not this is her fault is very much up for debate. Furthermore, in the news article she shared an opinion which in polling many of the public held as a valid view point, and many did not, but I do not believe that whether or not a politician offends people should have anything to do with their job and it should be taken as a separate matter. Another example of a high government minister being forced out of government due to offending people is Dominic Raab, who was made to resign after being accused of bullying civil servants after telling them off too strongly. I believe that the fact that he was too harsh on his civil servants has nothing to do with his ability as a cabinet minister and does not effect his ability to do his job.

Ministers should be judged by their record in government in delivering on manifesto promises, not on the small print of the ministerial code.