Socialism is coming. You heard it here first. For decades Britain has been waiting for this most glorious occasion where the red flag will once again fly high above the entrance to number 10 Downing St. To celebrate the arrival of comrade Corbyn and the end of the socialism topic in political ideas, here is my socialism playlist for you to play loud and proud this Friday morning to celebrate the a country that voted for the many…. and not the few!

9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

The ultimate critique of capitalism by Nashville’s finest. In his book ‘Capital’, Karl Marx eluded to the fact that when capital triumphs over labour, then human beings become worthless. Therefore, as Dolly says, it is indeed true that slaving away 9 till 5 and not enjoying the fruits of ones labour, is truly enough to drive you crazy!

There is Power in a Union – Billy Bragg

Ahh the good old trade unions, bastions of socialist power and the ultimate life-belt to the trusty worker. Forget being an individual. Those greedy capitalist owners will chew you up and spit you out. Just ask Dolly! Far better to pool ones bargaining power together and unite for better living and working conditions. This one is for you Bob Crow (RIP).

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Glastonbury 2017. Do you remember it. How we all stood there together in a field in Pilton, Somerset, cheering the one man with the vision to take Britain out of the oppressive, festering, austerity ridden dystopia to the socialist promised land. Never mind the ¬£500 ticket, plus glamping fee or the fact that you lost your hunter wellies in the mosh pit earlier on that day, the one person that can make everything better is Saint Jeremy. All together now…..ohhhhh Jeremy Corbyn….

Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead – The Wizard of Oz

What better way to sneer at the architect of Britain’s oppression and ideological figurehead that Boris pinned all of his hopes to in his failed 2019 campaign. She shut down the mines, she introduced the poll tax and she even banned free milk in schools. Oh what a wonderful day that was in 2013 when she went to join her pal Ronald Regan in the great neo-liberal party in the sky. Sing this loud an proud at the city bankers and Thames Water shareholders as we revel in extracting their cash from their back pockets on Friday morning!

Things can only get better – D Ream

What? How dare you! How did this get in here? Yes I know it was the Labour party anthem that won them one of the largest landslide victories in 1997 and subsequent ones in 2001 and 2005. BUT THAT WAS BLAIR. He was a red Tory. Take this horrible talk of the “Third Way” and be away with you.

The Red Flag – Labour Party Chorus

Ahh that’s better! The ultimate socialist hymn and indeed party anthem of Labour, sung with gusto at the close of every party conference. Have no doubt that this will be sung in the heartlands of the ‘red wall’ from Hull to Merseyside in the early hours of Friday morning when those biased Tory cronies at the BBC finally concede and call the election in Jeremy’s favour!

The full playlist can be found here (with some other classic red hits)

Have a lovely Christmas.